Whale Watching Quebec

An Adventure of a Lifetime!

Whale Watching quebec

Whale Watching Quebec

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be side by side with a real whale!

Although this is something that most people would only dream about, there is a terrific opportunity to take a boat tour and go whale watching on the waters of the St-Lawrence River.

If you have the time - this is an absolute "must" for family vacations in Quebec City.

And it's not that far from Quebec City!

Just a couple of hours north....okay...closer to 3 hours! ;o)

Whale Watching Quebec Boat

Considered to be one of the world's finest whale watching site - you can see first hand the true beauty of the marine mammals just off the coast of Ste-Catherine or Tadoussac.

Whale watching Quebec is a spine-tingling experience! The "good" kind!

Numerous types of whales make their home in these waters. From the blue whale (the largest mammal on earth), the fin whale (the second largest of the whale family), the humpback whale to the beluga whale (that's the cute arctic white one).

You should also get a chance to see porpoises and dolphins rather up close and personal.

Whale Watching Quebec - Captains

Tours are generally available from May through to October and are available from very reputable boat tour operators.

There are two major players here when it comes to whale watching quebec excursions and both are terrific!

The first company is Croisieres Dufour (this is the one we took on our most recent trip).

They operate three types of boats for whale watching.

We recently were aboard the Famille Dufour ship - pictured above - which holds 585 passengers (yet we were only about 50).

There is also the Tadoussac III which sits as many 48 passengers and is what is called a "zodiac" style boat.

Whale Watching Quebec - Zodiac Style Boat

Lastly - there is the Essipit which are smaller "zodiac" style boats that accomodate only 12 passengers.

Group Dufour's fleet has been sailing the waters of the St-Lawrence River and the Saguenay Fjiord since 1983.

They generally run 3 excursions per day and they are at 9:30am, 1:30pm and 4:45pm from the Tadoussac Quay.

*Note - There is a free shuttle service from Hotel Tadoussac and you can purchase your tickets inside the hotel too!

Visit Croisieres Dufour web site here!

Whale Watching Quebec Fin Whale

A Fin Whale close to our boat

Saguenay Fjiord at Sunset while Whale Watching Quebec

Entrance to the Saguenay Fjiord late afternoon

Seal in Ocean while Whale Watching Quebec

Seal in front of our boat

Whale Watching Quebec - AML Ship

The second one is Croisieres AML.

This is a company that has been in business for over 35 years and operate 18 boats (including 12 Zodiac Boats - great for watching up close) in 9 Quebec ports.

Whale Watching Quebec tours is their business!

Kids are FREE! That's right! If you have kids under the age of 5 - they usually have a promotion where they can go for free. (I believe there is a maximum of 3 kids per adult)

*They also offer a whale guarantee! That's just how sure they are that you will indeed see whales.

Visit AML Cruises for Whale Watching here!

Hotel Tadoussac


If you are planning an overnight stay, there are numerous options for.

Our favorite has been Hotel Tadoussac (pictured above) - opened since 1864.

Unique with its red roof and maritime colours, its charm of "the olden days" is sure to please everyone.

Comes complete with pool, tennis court, billiards and even miniature golf!

When enjoying Quebec whale watching...
check out the Tadoussac Hotel here!!

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